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    What happens when two groups who have never talked before share conversation space? What ideas grow out of that generative process? What processes of guidance and mediation guide disparate individuals, communities, and specialized knowledge holders to fruitful imaginations of how technology can impact community? How best can we focus this conversation space towards a specific goal: speculation regarding DIY small-scale robotics technologies and their impact on local organic farming systems? This project is a collaboration between Georgia Institute of Technology and Atlanta's independent food community, rogueApron. This research is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. More information on the City as Learning Lab. Follow Us on Twitter
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Project Overview: Spring 2009 Syllabus

Our project this semester is to develop a pilot participatory design workshop with local small-scale food producers that explores near future uses of robotics and sensing technologies in the context of sustainable urban agriculture. Activities will include:
• visual and interaction design of print and online media
• the design of physical artifacts and interactive systems
• the development of workshop activities
• field research with local food producers

In addition to these activities, there will be weekly readings in both theory and practice and all students will be expected to contribute towards research papers and/or presentations.


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