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    What happens when two groups who have never talked before share conversation space? What ideas grow out of that generative process? What processes of guidance and mediation guide disparate individuals, communities, and specialized knowledge holders to fruitful imaginations of how technology can impact community? How best can we focus this conversation space towards a specific goal: speculation regarding DIY small-scale robotics technologies and their impact on local organic farming systems? This project is a collaboration between Georgia Institute of Technology and Atlanta's independent food community, rogueApron. This research is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. More information on the City as Learning Lab. Follow Us on Twitter
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$5,000 for a Used (parts) Robot

eBay would like some publicity. In exchange for YOU building a robot out of parts that you could feasibly purchase on eBay (a rather loose parameter), you might have the chance to win $5,000!

$5,000 of course being .000002 percent of eBay’s third-quarter revenue. [sourcing that.]

So if you happen to be building a robot n-e-ways, I suggest giving old eBay a chance to take a gander at it and give you a little something for your trouble.

[Crossposted on Speculative Design]


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